T.R.A.P. T.W.O
TRAP TWO - Triumph Women of Oregon
We are TRAP TWO (Triumph Women of Oregon) and we are an all woman's branch of TRAP. We started this branch because there are a growing number of ladies who are buying their first bikes and have asked at the shop if there are any ladies who could mentor them as they get started. Those of us ladies who have been riding and tagging along with the guys had already gravitated together and really enjoy our time together. We wanted to embrace this opportunity to reach out to other lady riders too and spread that family kind of feeling we already get from Cascade Moto Classics. The shop is a place where we just like to hang out and talk, and share stories as well as coffee and donuts.
We are welcoming of ALL skill levels and encourage ladies to ride your own ride and in your own skill level. Although our focus is Triumph, all bikes are welcome. We have ladies on Cruisers and sport bikes, and ladies who don't ride at all. We look forward to ladies only social events, learning together, and continuing to support and promote women riding and Cascade Moto Classics as well as continued participation in TRAP and dealership events.
We are gathering at Cascade Moto Classics the first Saturday of every month 11:00 am in the loft (Rat's Nest) after the morning Breakfast for our planning meetings, or just to chat about things. We may have a DVD about riding skills to watch and chat about one month, and be planning a social event the next. Each meeting is going to be one to enjoy. We are planning social functions, day rides and over night trips in our future.
Some of our events may be a simple get together for dinner and laughter and may not involve riding, especially in the winter months. Others may include the guys as well. We plan day trips and overnight trips for the summer months and in the spirit of promoting riding, look forward to a possible trunk show so we can share what gear works best for each of us, and what vendors have the newest and most exciting options. Our tech events are to talk about the bikes and what is where and why. Even if you don't intend to change your own oil, or care for your chain, it is a good thing to attend these sessions so you know when things are not exactly right and you need to bring your bike in. We will have "back in the saddle" type sessions in the beginning of the riding season, and we will also have day trips planned for more experienced riders. We ride with TRAP rides as well, so there are lots of events to choose from.
When we say we accept all skill levels, we really mean it. Our group rides are not led and will commonly spread out over miles and every single rider is to ride their own pace. When only two or three riders are riding together, they can ride at speeds they are comfortable with for their skill level and it is a much more safe and enjoyable trip. Usually our rides start out at Cascade Moto Classics, and consist of smaller groups of friends riding together at their own pace. Often we meet up with others along the route and end up at a location where we can enjoy each others company and stories. It is not a race to get to the next location, it is a journey to enjoy. No one is ever pushed to keep up, or travel outside their comfort zone and we are encouraging all lady riders to get out and join us.